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RAM Optimizer Pro 2005 1.0 download & buy

RAM Optimizer Pro 2005 1.0

Dont waste your RAM ! With our RAM Optimizer you can free a lot of unused memory which was taken by processes who allocated too much memory !
Added at: 11-May-2010 | Size: 2.57 MB
11-May-2010252Get more free informations about RAM Optimizer Pro 2005
PowerPrompt 1.1 download & buy

PowerPrompt 1.1

PowerPrompt will start a new command console. This console is running with System privileges and any program launched from this prompt will inherit System credentials. This gives you maximum access to your system so be careful.
Added at: 12-May-2010 | Size: 0.00 MB
12-May-2010261Get more free informations about PowerPrompt
CompDoctor 3.4 download & buy

CompDoctor 3.4

This handy reference tool will make repairing and optimizing your PC easy. No need to spend hundreds having repairs made. Do it yourself with a helping hand from CompDoctor.
Added at: 12-May-2010 | Size: 7.90 MB
12-May-2010337Get more free informations about CompDoctor
System Restore Control 1.0 download & buy

System Restore Control 1.0

Windows XP System Restore uses up to 12% of your disk space, creates a Restore Point every 24 hours and keeps old points for 90 days before deleting. Microsoft doesn't provide any adjustments except for the slider where you may move it below 12%
Added at: 30-Oct-2007 | Size: 1.54 MB
30-Oct-2007340Get more free informations about System Restore Control
Spyware Inoculator 2.0 download & buy

Spyware Inoculator 2.0

Inoculate your PC to Prevent Spyware from ever being installed. While there are a few good Spyware removers wouldn't it be better to prevent Spyware from ever being installed in the first place?
Added at: 01-Nov-2007 | Size: 2.30 MB
01-Nov-2007397Get more free informations about Spyware Inoculator
12Ghosts Replace 8.11 download & buy

12Ghosts Replace 8.11

Update a range of files, search and replace text in folders and subfolders. Supports wildcards to include or exclude certain file types. The text that is found is presented in a preview window.
Added at: 19-Aug-2007 | Size: 2.10 MB
19-Aug-2007465Get more free informations about 12Ghosts Replace
MemCheck Pro 3.0 download & buy

MemCheck Pro 3.0

MemCheck Pro automatically monitors and Optimizes System Resources. Features include Optimization of lost Resources for System, User and GDI as well as Memory Load, memory types available
Added at: 28-Oct-2007 | Size: 0.91 MB
28-Oct-2007483Get more free informations about MemCheck Pro
12Ghosts ProfileCopy 8.11 download & buy

12Ghosts ProfileCopy 8.11

Administer Windows user profiles. This includes user defined settings, like your wallpaper, sound schemes, desktop icons, start menu items, and so on. What's different, 12-ProfileCopy also copies the files referred to by these settings.
Added at: 19-Aug-2007 | Size: 2.10 MB
19-Aug-2007483Get more free informations about 12Ghosts ProfileCopy
AnywhereTS-Config 2.10 download & buy

AnywhereTS-Config 2.10

Completely free thin client solution for Windows. Converts PCs to thin clients. Allows you to customize and deploy clients completely from within a Windows environment. Supports Thinstation, RDP and booting from network (PXE), floppy, CD or flash.
Added at: 24-Aug-2007 | Size: 14.12 MB
24-Aug-2007498Get more free informations about AnywhereTS-Config
12Ghosts Shredder 8.11 download & buy

12Ghosts Shredder 8.11

Overwrite files, drag and shred, DoD conform, Wipe Disk. Delete even if the file is locked! No trails are left of any compromising or confidential information. Nobody will ever be able to recover the files! A necessary tool for every Windows user.
Added at: 19-Aug-2007 | Size: 2.10 MB
19-Aug-2007509Get more free informations about 12Ghosts Shredder
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