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ABCCodingLibrary 1.0 download & buy

ABCCodingLibrary 1.0

Customizable code library, with built in starter javascript library with over 50 scripts
Added at: 20-Aug-2007 | Size: 1.44 MB
20-Aug-2007670Get more free informations about ABCCodingLibrary
AiS Watermarker ActiveX download & buy

AiS Watermarker ActiveX

This component allows add color transparent watermark on images. This watermark can be your copyright logo or url of your site.
Added at: 24-Aug-2007 | Size: 1.06 MB
24-Aug-2007592Get more free informations about AiS Watermarker ActiveX
ASP huge file upload 2.1 download & buy

ASP huge file upload 2.1

Easy to use, hi-performance ASP file upload component with progress bar indicator. Let's you upload multiple files with size up to 2GB to a disk or database along with another form fields. Works with large posts, any character set, including unicode
Added at: 24-Aug-2007 | Size: 0.50 MB
24-Aug-2007590Get more free informations about ASP huge file upload
ASP MDB/DBF database converter 2.0 download & buy

ASP MDB/DBF database converter 2.0

ASP recordset converter is a library for converting DAO or ADO recordsets to MDB or DBF files. It enables direct binary database export of MDB or DBF files from ASP pages with one row of code. The object also supports on-the-fly compression by zip
Added at: 24-Aug-2007 | Size: 1.60 MB
24-Aug-2007647Get more free informations about ASP MDB/DBF database converter
AutoSaveVS 1.0 download & buy

AutoSaveVS 1.0

AutoSaveVS is an Add-in for Visual Studios 2003 to automatically save your files to help prevent lost work and time. AutoSaveVS will save your solution, all projects and any unsaved file open in Visual Studios every five minutes.
Added at: 04-Sep-2007 | Size: 0.25 MB
04-Sep-2007631Get more free informations about AutoSaveVS
DTK Barcode Reader SDK version  3.6.8 download & buy

DTK Barcode Reader SDK version 3.6.8

Barcode recognition SDK is a highly accurate and powerful developer library which recognizes 1-D and 2-D barcodes from digital images and bitmaps.
Added at: 28-Jun-2007 | Size: 5.10 MB
28-Jun-2007711Get more free informations about DTK Barcode Reader SDK version
DynaPDF 2.0 download & buy

DynaPDF 2.0

Royalty Free PDF DLL compent library to create, form fill, manipulate, and more with PDF files. True metafile (EMF) to PDF conversion. Supports multiple image types, unicode, 3 color spaces, text formating, fonts, PDF 1.5, form fields, and more.
Added at: 13-Dec-2007 | Size: 1.29 MB
13-Dec-2007738Get more free informations about DynaPDF
Metaspec C# Parser Library download & buy

Metaspec C# Parser Library

Metaspec C# parser library is designed to provide the kernel for applications which require processing C# source code: refactoring, formatting, and other similar tools. C# parser is fully compliant with ECMA-334 and ECMA-335 standards.
Added at: 13-Dec-2007 | Size: 8.18 MB
13-Dec-20070Get more free informations about Metaspec C# Parser Library
monoPlane Web Designer 0.02 download & buy

monoPlane Web Designer 0.02

Download and build your XML/XSL based site today. Intuitive, flexible. Free. Live demos and working sites available. Beta-testers, comments, suggestions welcome.
Added at: 17-May-2010 | Size: 0.37 MB
17-May-2010485Get more free informations about monoPlane Web Designer
Status Scroll 1.0 download & buy

Status Scroll 1.0

Status Scroll generates 10 of the most popular Scrolling Status Bar JavaScript codes (the scrolling messages you see at the bottom of Internet Explorer) for your web site.
Added at: 02-Nov-2007 | Size: 0.28 MB
02-Nov-2007618Get more free informations about Status Scroll
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