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Advanced GIF Animator 2.23 download & buy

Advanced GIF Animator 2.23

A powerful tool for creating animated GIF images, banners, buttons, and even movies. Built-in image editor, palette optimization, image size reduction, and multi-language support available.
Added at: 12-May-2010 | Size: 4.46 MB
12-May-2010476Get more free informations about Advanced GIF Animator
AKVIS Chameleon 4.4 download & buy

AKVIS Chameleon 4.4

AKVIS Chameleon - Collage Creation Software for automatic adjustment of inserted objects to the target image color range. Inserted objects blend with the environment like chameleons do. Useful for making collages and concealing undesirable artifacts.
Added at: 22-Aug-2007 | Size: 6.71 MB
22-Aug-2007709Get more free informations about AKVIS Chameleon
AKVIS Coloriage 4.5 download & buy

AKVIS Coloriage 4.5

The plug-in manipulates image colors: from colorizing BW photos to replacing colors in color photos. It creates natural-looking colorization in a quick and entertaining manner. The skin, sky, grass color patterns help you to select realistic colors.
Added at: 22-Aug-2007 | Size: 10.76 MB
22-Aug-2007656Get more free informations about AKVIS Coloriage
AKVIS Enhancer 7.0 download & buy

AKVIS Enhancer 7.0

AKVIS Enhancer is image enhancement software that detects detail in underexposed, overexposed and mid tone areas of a photo. The program supports HDRI technology as well as allows enhancing an image using a single shot.
Added at: 22-Aug-2007 | Size: 7.03 MB
22-Aug-2007654Get more free informations about AKVIS Enhancer
AKVIS Retoucher 2.9 download & buy

AKVIS Retoucher 2.9

AKVIS Retoucher is an efficient software for photo restoration and retouching. Retoucher removes dust, scratches, stains and other defects. It is also able to reconstruct the lacking parts of the photo using the information of the surrounding areas
Added at: 22-Aug-2007 | Size: 6.33 MB
22-Aug-2007653Get more free informations about AKVIS Retoucher
AKVIS Stamp 3.0 download & buy

AKVIS Stamp 3.0

AKVIS Stamp is a tool for seamless defects removal and objects cloning. Stamp allows enhancing portraits (as it brilliantly removes wrinkles, scars, scratches, porous skin) and retouching of different image flaws (stains, dust, scratches).
Added at: 23-Aug-2007 | Size: 5.73 MB
23-Aug-2007632Get more free informations about AKVIS Stamp
AMS Image Effects 2.4 download & buy

AMS Image Effects 2.4

AMS Image Effects allows to apply different kinds of effects in real-time without additional windows. All effects are available at one moment. This product supports the most popular file formats such as JPEG, GIF, BMP, ICO and WMF.
Added at: 23-Aug-2007 | Size: 0.63 MB
23-Aug-2007620Get more free informations about AMS Image Effects
ArtBorders 1.3.2 download & buy

ArtBorders 1.3.2

ARTBorders allows you to make your photos look unique by adding beautiful artistic borders and frames to them. ARTBorders can download new frames and borders from our web site. There are over 200 new frames and borders available on the web site!
Added at: 24-Aug-2007 | Size: 2.05 MB
24-Aug-2007678Get more free informations about ArtBorders
ArtCursors 5.16 download & buy

ArtCursors 5.16

ArtCursors allows you to edit static and animated cursors in color depths up to 32-bit True Color. You also can search files and folders for cursors, import and export cursor images and create cursor libraries for better and more efficient storage.
Added at: 21-Aug-2007 | Size: 1.42 MB
21-Aug-2007667Get more free informations about ArtCursors
ArtEyes 1.0 download & buy

ArtEyes 1.0

An indispensable tool for removing the red-eye effect from digital photos and the eye color correction. With ARTEyes you can, for example, change the person?s eye color so that it will match his or her clothes color.
Added at: 24-Aug-2007 | Size: 1.49 MB
24-Aug-2007706Get more free informations about ArtEyes
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