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Beyond TV 4.5

Click here to download Beyond TV   Developer  SnapStream Media, Inc.
  OS support  Windows 2000/XP
  Licence  Shareware
    Price  N/A
  File size  40.40 MB
  Download time  56k: 98m 29s 128k: 43m 5s 768k: 7m 10s
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  Date added  26-Nov-2006
  Last update  26-Nov-2006
  Downloads  1,104
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Beyond TV's Description

Gain control over your entertainment experience. With Beyond TV, you determine what you want to watch and when you want to watch it. With incredible features and extensive setting options, TV is under your control.

Key features of "Beyond TV"

Easy Fast-Forward and Rewind
Pause, fast-forward and rewind not only your recordings, but also live television. Beyond TV supports multiple speeds of fast-forward and rewind and 30-second skip and 7-second instant replay.

Powerful Program Guide

Beyond TV's integrated electronic program guide (EPG) has up-to-date listings for the U.S. and Canada. Tell Beyond TV what kind of broadcast source you have and it will construct a personalized guide for you.

Intelligent Recordings

Tell Beyond TV which shows to record and it'll do the rest. Record an entire TV series, a single show, or all of the new episodes of a show with the click of a button.

Skip Commercials With SmartSkip™

Tired of sitting through commercials? Seen the first five minutes already? Quickly watch recorded shows by skipping blocks of commercials or other parts of the show. SmartSkip™ lets you watch TV more efficiently and conveniently than ever.

Turn on the SmartSkip™ feature and Beyond TV will automatically insert markers at major scene changes of all HD and SD recordings, creating chapters. Users can then easily skip quickly from one chapter to another at the touch of a button. Skip thirty second intervals, or play seven second instant replays.

Burn TV Shows to DVD*

With Beyond TV's integrated DVD Burning Plug-in, creating DVDs of your TV recordings is simple and easy. Build a DVD library of all your favorite shows or just take your TV shows with you on the road. It will even include your SmartSkip™ information so you can skip commercials. And with our DiscSqueeze™ technology, your shows automatically get compressed to fit on a DVD.

* This feature requires purchase of Beyond TV's "DVD Burning Plug-In"

Search Smarter, Find Shows Faster

Sure you like ER...but there's more than one show out there about double bypass surgeries. Search by title or keyword and see more shows about the stuff you're already interested in. Type in the name of your favorite program and our electronic program guide will show you all the times and channels on which it's playing. Have a favorite actor or director? Just search on his name and Beyond TV will find all the matching TV programs.

Support for over-the-air HDTV

Beyond TV now supports recording free over-the-air high-definition television (HDTV). With SnapStream’s EPG you can easily browse and record HDTV channels and high-definition programs. Get a picture with six times the sharpness of standard television. Listen to Dolby Digital surround sound. HDTV support puts you in the action.

Browse by Category

Have to see the Astros take on the Cubs? With expanded searching capabilities, Beyond TV 4 allows you to browse by category for sporting events, movies, and more. It’s like having a free, built-in movie store and a continuously updated game day guide. Now you can find exciting lesser known shows in the genres you love to watch.

Support for MPEG-2, Windows Media and DivX

Feel free to choose your recording format—Beyond TV 4 now supports DivX, Windows Media Video (WMV), and MPEG-2 formats. DivX and Windows Media are space-saving and portable. With files ten times smaller than MPEG-2 files, DivX and WMV offer the same great recording quality as the other formats in a fraction of the space. And with new support for DivX 6.1 and its Intel Hyper-threading and Dual Core optimizations, you can record or ShowSqueeze DivX up to 300% faster!

Advanced Settings With the Web Admin

If you're the kind of person who knows what he wants, and expects to get it, Beyond TV's Web Admin is just what you're looking for. It gives you extensive control over advanced settings and options through an easy to use web interface. Change the directory your shows are saved to, customize your channel lineup, and control the quality and format of your recordings. Configure specific ShowSqueeze, SmartSkip, and timeshifting settings and more.

Shrink Recordings with ShowSqueeze™

Save hard drive space and enhance portability with ShowSqueeze. ShowSqueeze lets you recompress any standard-definition (SD) or high-definition (HD) recorded show to Windows Media (.wmv) or DivX files. Opt to have all of your recordings automatically compressed or select specific shows to ShowSqueeze.

Portable TV In Your Pocket

Need to entertain the kids on a long road trip? Tired of reading the newspaper on your morning subway commute? Transfer recorded shows in the WMV format to devices like Microsoft Portable Media Centers, Pocket PCs, Windows Mobile 5 smart phones and laptops for on-the-road viewing. Now you can take your TV shows with you and watch them anytime, anywhere.

Extend Beyond TV Throughout the Home

Deliver the Beyond TV experience to other PCs in your home with Beyond TV Link*. Beyond TV Link lets everyone in your home network access all the recordings on your entertainment hub. It’s like having Beyond TV on all PCs and laptops in your home! You can even watch live television broadcasts on networked PCs without having to purchase additional TV tuner cards.


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