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Download DoneEx XCell Compiler 1.5.6
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DoneEx XCell Compiler 1.5.6

Click here to download DoneEx XCell Compiler   Developer  DoneEx
  OS support  Windows 2000/XP/2003
  Licence  Shareware
    Price  N/A
  File size  2.40 MB
  Download time  56k: 5m 51s 128k: 2m 33s 768k: 25s
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  Date added  02-Dec-2006
  Last update  02-Dec-2006
  Downloads  754
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DoneEx XCell Compiler's Description

Compile MS Excel spreadsheet into EXE application (which requires MS Excel to run) with securely hidden formulas. The complied EXE securely hides in binary format and protects your excel application from reverse engineering and analyzing. XCell Compiler offers very easy and hassle free excel file copy protection. With it's registration/license management feature you can protect your excel application from illegal copying from one computer to another by using hardware locking mechanism.It offers you to add your own splash, end user license agreement (EULA) and much more...

Key features of "DoneEx XCell Compiler"

* Compile your XLS file into an application (EXE File).
* Securely hide formulas by converting them into binary format.
* Create registration/license based application.
* Hardware locking! Lock your excel application to target computer.
* Royalty free distribution of your compiled EXE.
* Excel application copy protection, illegal copying from one computer to another.
* Restrict the time period of usages for your application.
* License expiration warning.
* Add your own customized expiration message.
* Save/Load changed data from/to compiled EXE.
* Restrict the access only to authorized individuals, and limits users' activities to the minimum required, for business purposes.
* Eliminates the chances of exposure of corporate secrets, breaches in customer confidentiality, and the disruption of business activities.
* Prevents information from being altered in an unauthorized manner.
* You can add your own splash screen, while compiling. This will give you a chance to advertise your own company name.
* Install your Add-ins (XLA files) on your customer's computer.
* Add your own application name, version and copyright information.
* Add your own end user license agreement information.
* Simple and effective protection procedure, no need for additional programming.
* Evaluation (trial) version feature, Easily create demo version of your excel application, with date limitations.

Product limitations

Currently XCell Compiler does not support the following features.

* Limited support of VBA code.(VBA code will not be compiled into binary format but just compressed and excute from exe).
* R1C1 cell address notation.
* Cell's array type and array type related functions.
* Doesn't support 'workbook_open' function. Instead of 'workbook_open' use 'auto_open' macro.
* Hyperlink function.
* Links to external workbooks.
* Inserting new row or column into compiled EXE
* Inserting new sheet into compiled EXE workbook
* Maximum amount of used cells in one workbook 1,000,000

Formula size is limited by 1000 symbols in one cell.

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