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Image Uploader 4.1

Click here to download Image Uploader   Developer  Aurigma Inc.
  OS support  Windows 98/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista
  Licence  Shareware
    Price  N/A
  File size  5.60 MB
  Download time  56k: 13m 39s 128k: 5m 58s 768k: 59s
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  Date added  20-Feb-2007
  Last update  20-Feb-2007
  Downloads  752
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Image Uploader's Description

Image Uploader is a powerful uploading solution for your sites. It enables website developers to provide their users with a user-friendly uploading interface for multiple files.

Now to upload, say, 10 files, the user doesn't need to click 10 times on the Browse button and select each file separately (as via the standard HTML elements). Now the user can navigate their folders directly in their browser, select necessary files, and start uploading them in only few clicks.

Image Uploader is specially designed to upload images. First of all, when the users navigates their files, they see image previews. Image Uploader can generate thumbnails (up to 3) and upload them along with files themselves. It also enables the user to rotate the image before uploading. It supports main image file formats: JPEG, TIFF, GIF, PNG, BMP, etc. This way it is an ideal solution for the sites that provides the following sort of services (just a few examples):

1. Online photo hosting.
2. Online print order.
3. Photo blogs.
4. Images databases for different industries, e.g. for:
1. Insurance business (photos of vehicles).
2. Estate business (photos of estate property).
3. Health care (patient photos, X-ray images, etc).

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