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Zimbra Adopted by Educational Institutions Worldwide

Software News | 30-Jun-2007
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Zimbra continues to experience tremendous momentum in the global education sector, with 100% growth in educational customers in the first fiscal two quarters of 2007. Currently, over 100+ educational institutions across 12 countries have deployed the Zimbra Collaboration Suite (ZCS), with several deployments requiring 50,000+ mailboxes. Zimbra's channel partners around the globe have accelerated the rapid adoption of ZCS among academic institutions.

"Zimbra's rich user interface, multi-client support, mobile synchronization, and ability to scale to support tens of thousands was a big draw for us as we selected a new messaging solution," said Anand Padmanabhan, Chief Information Officer for New York University, Stern School of Business. "And because Zimbra is based on open standards we will be able to integrate third party services that our students use on a daily basis directly into the Zimbra platform. No more switching between applications, or toggling between windows, everything will be there right at their fingertips within the Zimbra suite."

Zimbra provides a state-of-the-art collaboration solution that today's educational institutions require to support their users' digital lifestyle. With the Zimbra Collaboration Suite, educational institutions can meet the highest-end needs of faculty and staff, while also taking advantage of innovative functionality, scalability, and cost efficiency to leverage the same platform for student and alumni populations.

"We have reviewed collaboration solutions from numerous top tier vendors in the past and have found their solutions lacking," said Brian Friday, Manager, La Sierra University's IT: Infrastructure Department. "It was only when we evaluated Zimbra that we were able to find a single, consistent collaboration platform that met the unique needs of our diverse population, and adapted to their preferences."

Key benefits of the Zimbra Collaboration Suite for educational deployments include: -- Rich, web-based end-user experience through an integrated email, calendar, contacts and online authoring client -- Broadest range of client and platform support via a single, consistent solution that is available online and offline. Support for MS Outlook, Apple and Standards-based clients, and Mac OS X and Linux OS platforms -- Over-the-air mobile device synchronization for "always on" access and productivity -- Lower total cost of ownership compared with legacy solutions -- Integrated back up, and archiving support - Integrated backup and archiving support is increasingly important in the age of compliance regulations, such as Sarbanes-Oxley -- Integrated spam and virus support -- Open source model provides users with transparency, extensibility, and investment protection -- Web-based administration -- As a web-based solution, Zimbra significantly simplifies management, administration and maintenance -- Extensibility via Zimlets and Web services for creating mash-ups -- Migrate Meeting Maker calendaring information to Zimbra through optional third party, partner service.

"Our vision is to leverage open source technology whenever possible that supports the needs of our K-12 District as well as prepare tomorrow's students to live and work in the 21st century," said Jim Klein, director of information services and technology for the Saugus Union School District. "Zimbra's messaging platform has enabled us to not only deliver our users a better, more innovative experience, it has resulted in a lower total cost of ownership and simplified management for our administrators."


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