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Xandros and NoMachine to Provide Universal Application Access

Linux News | 18-Jul-2007
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Xandros and NoMachine announced that NoMachine’s NX Enterprise Server is now shipping with Xandros Server. This extended Xandros-NoMachine alliance provides enhanced capabilities for secure and rapid access to graphical applications, running on any operating system across any network connection. The combined Xandros-NoMachine solution provides rapid application deployment through single installation on the terminal server, where all employees with access permission can immediately start to use them. Corporate data security is enhanced through server maintenance and archiving, and sensitive data is no longer spread among individual laptops and PCs. Thin client access using optimized protocols also means that sales people and other employees are provided with with efficient access from home or on the road, since large data transfers are not required. “We are excited to extend our Xandros alliance to meet the customer need for practical, universal access to a rich set of applications running on diverse platforms,” said Sarah Dryell, Business Development Manager at NoMachine. “Xandros Server is the perfect partner for NoMachine to meet mixed Linux-Windows enterprise requirements for its ease of administration and outstanding cross-platform integration. Together we can deliver an efficient, open and top quality, easy-to-use, corporate-oriented solution.”

"Many enterprise customers are implementing thin-client solutions, and we have found that NoMachine’s NX Enterprise Server provides an open source solution with near instantaneous access thanks to its outstanding compression and efficient resource management,” said Andreas Typaldos, Xandros CEO. “Since NoMachine has an impressive list of clients, including Google, Nividia, NXP Semiconductors, Philips, Lufthansa Airlines, Harvard and Stanford Universities, and the cities of Munich and Schwaebisch Hall, we are especially excited to be delivering the NX Enterprise Server with our Xandros Server products.”

Comprehensive Remote Access and Server Solution
NoMachine NX is a virtual desktop and remote access solution based on enterprise-class open source technologies utilizing the X-Window system. Thanks to the outstanding compression, session resilience and resource management, combined with powerful audio, printing and resource sharing capabilities, NoMachine NX makes it possible to run any graphical application on any operating system across any network connection as if you were sitting in front of your computer.

Xandros Server is compatible with existing Windows domain and networking topologies, and provides a perfect alternative for Windows administrators looking to implement open solutions. It offers the ability to remotely manage their Linux servers, even from a Windows desktop, through the all-graphical Xandros Management Console (xMC) that can operate in the way they have grown accustomed to in a Windows Server centric environment.

About NoMachine
NoMachine is the creator of the award-winning NX software, the solution for those looking for a quality alternative for remote access, application deployment and outstanding performance. Behind NoMachine software is the NX Distributed Computing Architecture, a suite of Open Source technologies and commercial tools, designed by NoMachine to make network computing as easy and widespread as Web browsing. NoMachine has built the foundations of its NXDCA on two well known and widely used open standards, SSH and the X-Window System, the windowing system which is behind the GUIs of Linux and the Unix Operating System. For more information, contact or visit

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