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Xandros Acquires Scalix - Linux E-mail, Calendaring and Messaging Company

Linux News | 21-Jul-2007
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Xandros announced the acquisition of Scalix, the premier award-winning Linux e-mail, calendaring and messaging company. The acquisition represents another step in the fulfillment of Xandros' strategic vision for developing a complete Linux stack, including desktop, SMB and advanced enterprise servers, cross-platform management tools, and mission-critical IT infrastructure applications, in order to provide organizations and enterprises of all sizes with single vendor support of their diverse and growing IT infrastructures.

Scalix will continue to operate independently, as a wholly owned subsidiary of Xandros. As such, it will have the parent company’s full corporate commitment, and access to its much larger financial and engineering resources and significant new technologies, in order to maintain, enhance, and develop new products in the Scalix portfolio. It will also continue to provide full and equal support for all of Scalix’s historical platforms: Red Hat, Novell, Xandros, and others.

Moreover, as part of the larger Xandros company, Scalix will be able to leverage Xandros’ resources and technologies beyond the e-mail server level, which have proven interoperability, cross-platform management, and advanced deployment capabilities that do not require Linux skills within the enterprise. Scalix can capitalize on Xandros' operating system level know-how and technologies to extend product capabilities and feature/function advantages. As a result, Scalix will provide scalable mission critical e-mail and collaboration solutions with global 24/7 support that can be easily deployed and administered on Red Hat, Novell, Xandros, and other Linux platforms by Windows network administrators with no prior Linux experience.

“This acquisition brings great advantages to Scalix customers,” explained Glenn Winokur, CEO of Scalix. “The expanded Xandros-Scalix engineering and support team will provide a truly integrated messaging and calendaring 'appliance-style’ product with unmatched ease of installation and administration on both Xandros and all other supported Linux platforms. As a complementary addition to the Xandros product line, Scalix products will continue to be developed with the same vision and roadmap we've historically pursued, so future versions will continue to appear as seamless upgrades. Furthermore, customers will benefit from strengthened support and service offerings provided through a larger combined reseller and partner network. Finally, as a much larger company, with far greater resources, offices around the world, and additional unique technologies, Scalix will be able to expand and consolidate its leadership position as the premier Linux e-mail and calendaring company.”

“We are excited by this acquisition as Scalix has hundreds of corporate customers all over the world, a large following in the open source community, and a common vision of addressing interoperability needs in today’s multi-platform environments,” said Andreas Typaldos, CEO of Xandros. “In bringing together developers of powerful and intuitive Linux administration, deployment, and management tools from Xandros, with those who created the premier Linux e-mail, calendaring and messaging solution from Scalix, we will create combined solutions that will ensure even faster adoption in the months and years to come by enterprises looking for Linux-based Exchange alternatives that Windows network administrators can easily deploy, without the need for Linux knowledge or expertise.”

“The Scalix product will continue to be developed on all platform families supported by Scalix today,” Typaldos continued. “We will of course continue to promote the Xandros-Scalix bundled Server application that we developed with Scalix a year ago, but we will also immediately apply those enhanced Xandros deployment and management technologies, tools, and benefits to all of Scalix’s non-Xandros platforms as well. Xandros is already committed to having its powerful cross-platform BridgeWays management tools support all key non-Xandros Linux distributions and platforms, and the Scalix e-mail and calendaring product is a perfect fit for the Xandros BridgeWays strategy.”

The current tight integration of Scalix within the Xandros Server provides an all-in-one groupware solution that can be centrally administered through the remote, all-graphical Xandros Management Console. The combined solution provides business clients with scalable industrial strength world-class e-mail and calendaring, with choice for a wide array of e-mail rich clients, including Outlook, Thunderbird, the AJAX-based Scalix Web Access Client, as well as various popular wireless handheld devices. At LinuxWorld, both Xandros Server and Scalix won product excellence awards for best server and best messaging solution respectively.

While Scalix is now part of the Xandros family, Scalix products will retain their distinct product name and logo, in keeping with the brand’s wide recognition for its enterprise-class messaging and calendaring solutions available on multiple Linux platforms.

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