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Sony "BRAVIA" THEATRE DAV-IS10: Simplicity and Style

Multimedia News | 13-Jul-2007
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The concept of "home cinema in a box" invented by Sony gives you everything you need for a superb home entertainment experience in one easy-to-buy, easy-to-set-up and easy-to-use package. With the DAV-IS10, you have the most stylish cinema in a box ever, complete with gloss-black finish, slick hidden controls that light up at a touch, and speakers so small they fit comfortably in the palm of your hand.

According to Sony, this system delivers amazing levels of performance, with a total of 550Watts of power to fill even large rooms with breathtaking surround sound. It also sets itself up in approximately 30 seconds and thanks to "BRAVIA" Theatre Sync, works seamlessly with Sony “BRAVIA” TVs to give true one-button operation of major functions.

The system can connect to your Network WALKMAN, mobile phone or home network to share your personal music collection with all your family and friends. It’s all done with Sony’s innovative Digital Media Port.

Small on space, big on sound

Space is often at a premium in modern homes, and Sony’s no stranger to designing systems intended to give great performance without filling the room with speakers.

The DAV-IS10 takes this miniaturisation to new levels, with five tiny speakers the size of a golf ball. Designed to be virtually invisible, they can be hidden away on shelves, wall mounted with supplied brackets or used on optional slim line stands.

"BRAVIA" Theatre Sync for complete system control

Imagine being able to watch a movie at the touch of just one button, or switch off your entire entertainment system just as simply. Using the DAV-IS10 with the latest Sony “BRAVIA” LCD TVs, and other Sony components such as DVD recorders, you can do just that – thanks to Sony “BRAVIA” Theatre Sync.

Using control signals passed through the HDMI connection between the system and Sony “BRAVIA” TVs and other components, “BRAVIA” Theatre Sync allows true "one-touch" operation of a complete Sony system.

Sleek, stylish and simple to use: the DAV-IS10 control centre

At the heart of the system is the compact gloss-black control centre, combining DVD/CD/MP3 player with surround processing and an RDS FM/AM radio tuner. Just 21cm wide, standing a little over 10 cm tall and with a slot-loading disc mechanism, the control centre remains compact. Hidden touch-sensor controls spring to life on the top panel when your hand moves to operate them, enhancing the unit’s uncluttered and elegant design.

Digital Cinema Auto Calibration

Because each individual room has its own acoustic characteristics, enthusiasts sometimes spend hours moving speakers, adjusting levels and playing with a whole stack of other settings to get the best surround sound. The DAV-IS10 does all that for you at the push of a button! It’s all done with the Digital Cinema Auto Calibration technology by Sony, acknowledged as one of the fastest and most accurate systems of its kind.

Simply plug the provided microphone into the DAV-IS10 control unit, place it where you would normally sit and press one button: the system runs a short sequence of tests, analyses the results and computes the ideal volume, delay and frequency settings for your speakers. And that’s it – your system’s set up and ready to fill your room with amazing surround sound regardless of shape and size, all in approximately 30 seconds.

Sony Digital Media Port – connection for portable music players and your computer

Whether on a MP3 player or a music-capable mobile phone such as the Sony Ericsson WALKMAN series, most of us carry our favourite tunes with us. The DAV-IS10 can release your music from such devices or even stream it from your computer via a wireless network.

There are two Digital Media Ports compatible with MP3 players, including the Network WALKMAN, while the TDM-BT1 streams music via Bluetooth from devices such as A2DP ‘music phones’. The TDM-NC1 hooks into your home Wi-Fi network and streams music from a VAIO laptop or other computers.

The system additionally has a Portable Audio Enhancer, which applies sophisticated digital signal processing to expand the sound of compressed music from portable players.

DVD upscaling to make the most of your movies

As HD TVs gain in popularity and buyers choose ever larger screen sizes, something is needed to ensure your DVDs look as good as the new high-definition TV broadcasts.

The DAV-IS10 is capable of upscaling standard-definition signals from a DVD and outputting them in this enhanced form via the HDMI connection to your TV. That means DVDs look stunning on HD-capable sets.

The complete, compact and stylish home entertainment system

Despite its overall compactness, the DAV-IS10 is a massively capable and powerful home entertainment system. With its tiny speakers, big sound and advanced technology, this is the perfect system for the modern home, and the ideal partner for Sony “BRAVIA” TVs.

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