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Pioneer Professional Plasmas Stop Shoppers in Their Tracks

Multimedia News | 09-Mar-2007
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At GlobalShop, Pioneer is showcasing its current line of professional plasma displays that deliver an unsurpassed picture quality with high contrast and clarity as well as reduced ambient light reflections. The adaptability of Pioneer’s professional plasma displays provides an impressive solution for multiple applications and provides retailers with a multitude of benefits including:

- Attracting foot traffic: Pioneer PureVision™ 42” (diagonal), 50” (diagonal) and 60” (diagonal) plasma displays deliver vivid images that capture customers’ attention.
- Keeping Shoppers Entertained: The fast moving images that are so appealing to the youth market appear smooth and seamless on a Pioneer plasma compared to other flat display technologies.
- The Ultimate Tool for Custom Display Solutions: Pioneer plasma displays can be used individually or put together to automatically make a large video wall image. The displays contain advanced features and functions designed specifically for video wall use with no additional processing equipment required in most applications.
- Unique Features Designed Specifically for Digital Signage: Pioneer’s new displays continue to offer new features and functions that simplify installation while maintaining high-quality pictures and ease of use.
- Expansive Compatibility: Pioneer’s Expansion Solutions™ technology makes the displays flexible with the ability to add or change functionality by swapping out the Expansion Solutions cards. Retailers can choose from a wide range of Expansion Solutions cards available from Pioneer as well as many third party companies.

“Flat-screen displays are an excellent approach for retailers to add visual appeal through custom designed in-store presentations,” said Jim Krodel, vice president of professional displays for Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. “Pioneer’s professional plasmas are developed to ensure retailers get the most out of their digital signage needs by combining fine picture quality with easy to update presentation capabilities for a consistently dynamic visual experience that will leave a lasting impression on consumers.”

Pioneer’s plasma displays offer significant longevity for a commercial user. Sixty thousand hours is an approximate time for the display panel to reach half of its original luminescence. This approximation may vary depending on source and type of content, settings, environment and use. This approximation does not provide or imply any warranty beyond the manufacturer's standard limited warranty.

The Professional Display Group of Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. is the leading provider of plasma and display products for business use. Pioneer introduced the industry’s first 50-inch high definition plasma display in 1997 and continues to deliver innovative display solutions for professional data display, audio/video, information technology, trade show, broadcast, legal, medical, education and transportation applications.

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