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New AVCHD HDD Handycam models

Multimedia News | 01-May-2007
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Beautiful styling meets amazing HD recording times with the smallest, lightest AVCHD hard disk Handycam models ever from Sony. Offering up to an incredible 38 hours of recording, the new line-up makes shooting your own High Definition pictures even easier and more rewarding.

Longest-ever record duration… with no tape or discs

The ultra-compact, stylishly-designed new HDR-SR Series is headed up by the flagship SR8E. With an immense 100GB hard disk capacity, it records beautiful HD pictures and digital surround sound for an incredible 38 hours (in LP mode). It’s joined by the equally elegant SR5E and SR7E that offer 40GB and 60GB disk capacities for up to 15 hours or 22 hours HD recording time respectively (in LP mode). The amazing shooting capacity of the new line-up is enabled by powerful AVCHD compression technology that allows long recording durations with excellent HD picture quality. As well as offering high compression efficiency, variable Bit Rate recording adjusts bit rates while shooting, balancing optimal picture quality with maximum storage efficiency for higher picture quality.

High Definition recording directly onto the camcorder’s hard disk drive means there’s no need to carry any tapes or discs when you step out with the latest HDR-SR Series. Not having to change media in the middle of recording means you don’t miss any moment while shooting. Phenomenal record times are complemented by HDD Smart Protection technology – so your precious memories are safeguarded, even in the event of unexpected bumps and jolts while you’re shooting.

Weighing just 530g (excluding battery), the latest HDR-SR Series models are around 20% smaller and 17% lighter (SR7E/8E) than their predecessor, the SR1E.

Superb HD picture quality

All new HDR-SR Series models use the AVCHD format to capture HD 1080 images for incredible detail and vibrant colours. The ClearVid CMOS sensor with Enhanced Imaging Processor offers excellent dynamic range and reduced smear compared with conventional CCD sensors. Exceptional sensitivity with a minimum illumination of only 2 lux (Auto Slow Shutter “ON”) allows successful shooting in twilight or dimly-lit interiors.

High-quality still images up to 6.1 Megapixel can also be captured. In Dual Rec mode, 4.6 Megapixel still images can be shot without interrupting video shooting. (SR7E/8E only)

Based on the new xvYCC international standard, x.v.Colour technology assures supremely life-like colour reproduction. Compared to conventional camcorders, x.v.Colour approximately doubles the range of colours that can be reproduced, very close to what human eye can recognise. This ensures vivid, expressive tonal reproduction with greater detailing and clarity when viewed on the growing range of xvYCC compliant televisions and players including new Sony Blu-ray player BDP-S1.

The Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T* lens features a 10x optical zoom range to bring distant images closer with superb clarity. Super SteadyShot optical image stabilisation (SR7E/8E) ensures sharp, clear images during still shooting, plus improved picture stability when shooting video in slow shutter mode.

An on-board microphone allows recording of Dolby Digital® 5.1ch surround sound – an essential part of the total HD entertainment experience with a home theatre system.

There’s a growing range of exciting possibilities for enjoying your HD pictures at home. The SR series connects directly to any BRAVIA HD-ready television via a mini-HDMI cable (optional) for fantastic results in your living room. Alternatively, AVCHD discs can be burned using a PC for playback on PLAYSTATION®3 or an AVCHD-compatible Blu-ray player.

New technology means faster scene searches

Even with up to 38 hours (SR8E) of footage on board, the new HDR-SR Series makes it beautifully simple to find exactly the right scene in moments.

‘Visual Index’ divides all your footage into a series of convenient chapters, corresponding with each press of the Record Start button. Thumbnail images are automatically created for each chapter and displayed on the camcorder’s touch screen for handy reference.

It’s complemented by smart new indexing features that make it even quicker to track down your favourite memories after a day’s shooting.

‘Film Roll Index’ automatically creates scene index points at user-selectable intervals from 3 seconds to 5 minutes within each recorded chapter. All that’s required is a single press of the ‘Film Roll’ button on the camcorder’s body. The right scene can then be tracked down quickly on the camcorder’s touch-screen. Film Roll Index searches can also be performed on a PC using supplied Picture Motion Browser software.

For the first time ever on a camcorder, ‘Face Index’ uses new Face Detection Technology to simplify searches for ‘people pictures’ within a scene of continuously shot footage – like your child in a school play. The HDR-SR Series automatically identifies scenes from your footage containing faces. Faces appear as thumbnail images, making it fun and easy to browse scenes featuring your child or other people – just make your selection by pressing the touch screen and the clip plays immediately.

Bundled Picture Motion Browser software also permits ‘Highlight’ Searches to track down brightly-lit, colourful scenes with voices. It’s ideal for finding those shots from the beach, poolside or concerts and other special events.

For ever greater flexibility, scenes can be searched by shooting date using the ‘Date Index’ function.

Despite its superb picture quality and advanced new features, the new AVCHD HDD Handycam line-up is also beautifully simple to use. Clear, simple function navigation on the touchscreen is complemented by direct buttons for playback.

Convenient disc burning and back-up

It’s easy to keep all your memories archived to enjoy again and again. Once the camcorder’s hard disk is filled up, there’s a choice of methods for transferring your precious video footage to a PC or onto DVD for safekeeping.

The bundled Handycam Station features ‘One Touch Disc Burn’ – just press a button to transfer your shots from Handycam to a connected PC for fuss-free creation of AVCHD format DVDs.

Shots can also be stored safely to your computer’s hard drive using ‘Easy PC Back-up’. This intelligently detects and transfers only new files that have not previously been saved for faster back-ups.

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