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Karneval Uses Teradata to Expand

Internet News | 30-Jan-2007
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Teradata announced that Karneval Media, the second largest provider of cable TV services and broadband internet access in the Czech Republic, has paved the way for further expansion by implementing a Teradata Warehouse.

Since May 2006, Karneval has been using its data warehouse to monitor and manage the capacity utilization of its network. As a result, Karneval has been able to further develop its network, including the addition of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) to its range of services in September 2006.

With the Teradata solution, Karneval can within minutes obtain detailed reports on network utilization and track customer behavior regarding frequency of use and bandwidth needs. With the previous technology, long computing times meant that reports could only be issued once a week. Due to the company’s rapidly growing network and customer base, network monitoring and management had pushed the old software increasingly to its limit.

On the basis of its new capacity for near real-time reports, Karneval can now recognize a temporary drop in transmission quality or declining bandwidth availability and quickly address problems. Not only does this ensure broadband customer satisfaction, but also the necessary transmission quality required for Internet telephony.

“Without these immediately available reports, we couldn’t have entered the VoIP market,” says Daniel Arnost, information services manager at Karneval.

Karneval also uses its Teradata Warehouse to develop and run direct marketing campaigns. The company plans to generate all of its management reports in the data warehouse.

The Teradata solution was chosen as a result of a competitive selection process. Along with its performance and analytical capabilities, the Teradata solution excelled in the selection process due to its cost/performance ratio and high system stability. It is anticipated that all company data sources will be integrated by fall 2007.


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