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Entertain in style: The New Sony VAIO FZ-Series

Hardware News | 11-May-2007
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With the VAIO FZ-Series notebook, Sony aims to put serious technology in the home user's hands. Based on the brand-new Intel Centrino platform configured with up to 2GB of RAM, the FZ-Series reaches new levels of performance. From the astonishingly realistic colour of the new-generation X-black LCD screen to the integrated Blu-ray Disc optical drive, the VAIO FZ-Series takes the concept of the home notebook to a higher level.

The FZ-Series' screen commands attention. This latest version of X-black LCD display enhancement brings the visual quality Sony is renowned for to everything you see. The widescreen X-black LCD with wide colour gamut by 'BRAVIA' backlight technologies enables the screen to reproduce the vivid hues of life with remarkable precision. Photos, personal video and films are revitalised as a result. Customer feedback1 indicates that screen quality is the most appreciated feature of a notebook, which is why we made sure the FZ-Series stands out in this respect.

Despite the widescreen 15.4-inch panel, the FZ-Series is compact and easily portable around the house. "This is a key part of the notebook's appeal," says Jun Koyama, Marketing Director for VAIO Of Europe (VOE). "Itís like a 15.4-inch display on a 14.1-inch form factor. You get a nice surprise when you open it up and see the size of the screen, not to mention the quality. And letís not forget this is a portable capable of playing and editing Full HD content with ease. Thereís a great deal of power in a fairly small space." Again, the FZ-Series is delivering what customers want2. Over half rate size and weight as important; almost half rate performance as important.

The VAIO FZ-Series owes its considerable graphics power to the sophisticated NVIDIA GeForce 8400M GT notebook graphics processing unit (GPU). As well as excellent 3D performance the GeForce 8400M GT GPU features hardware HD decoding capable of very high bit rate playback for optimum results with HD movies. The VGN-FZ11Z model has an integral Blu-ray Disc optical drive making it the perfect choice for anyone wanting to watch the latest HD format Hollywood releases. An HDMI output with HDCP completes the HD functionality, providing the crucial single-cable connection to an HD-Ready TV.

As well as playing new Blu-ray Disc films, the drive can also record. At its simplest, this gives you a very handy 50GB of general-purpose archival capacity per disc, but of course Blu-ray Disc is the perfect format for storing HD personal video. The FZ-Series is capable of both editing Full HD video, and playing the results in 1080p Full HD, so it can become your personal HD video editing suite.

When you want to enjoy a film or listen to music, everything is literally at your fingertips thanks to an array of dedicated AV buttons for simple, convenient play control. This too, is something customers value3, with almost half regarding good quality AV features as important.

Style can be as important as substance, and the FZ-Series has plenty, from the design of the case itself to the elegant black and silver finish. Behind the good looks lies real strength thanks to the use of magnesium alloy for both the lid and the base of the chassis.

Wherever you look, there are useful features be it the cleverly integrated webcam in the bezel or the handy provision of three USB 2.0 ports for no-fuss connectivity to your peripherals. When it comes to the core specification a wide range of configurations makes it easy to select the model most suited to your needs. Processor choices include the Intel Core 2 Duo Processors T7100 and T7300, 1GB or 2GB SDRAM is supplied depending on the model, and hard disk sizes go up to a massive 200GB.

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