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Rumpus 5.1.2

Click here to download Rumpus   Developer  Maxum Development Corporation
  OS support  Mac OS X 10.3 Panther/X 10.4 Tiger
  Licence  Shareware
    Price  N/A
  File size  4.20 MB
  Download time  56k: 10m 14s 128k: 4m 28s 768k: 44s
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  Date added  14-Feb-2007
  Last update  14-Feb-2007
  Downloads  1,129
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Rumpus's Description

f you need to allow people from within your office or across the Internet to send, receive, and manage files on a central Mac, Rumpus FTP is what you are looking for. Rumpus is perfect for print, media or design shops, and is the answer to education and corporate file sharing needs. Rumpus FTP can handle virtually any Internet file transfer task by working with standard FTP and Web clients on any platform, and do it with remarkable ease.

Key features of "Rumpus"

Rumpus is not only lightning quick, but it's efficient, too. This means that FTP and Web users will be able to transfer and manage files as fast as the network allows, while leaving plenty of CPU time for other applications running on your server or desktop Mac.

Ease Of Use And Maintenance
Rumpus is, quite simply, the easiest FTP server on the planet to set up and administer. From the setup assistant that fully prepares the server to accept users to the logically designed server management windows, Rumpus makes running an FTP server easy.

Web File Manager
In addition to offering an incredibly high-performance FTP server with unmatched ease of use, Rumpus also includes the Web File Manager. The Web File Manager makes it easy to provide FTP-like capabilities to anyone with a Web browser. For details, see our WFM Overview, including screen shots that show just how easy you can make Internet file transfers for your users.

Simple User Management
FTP users are managed directly in Rumpus, not in the system, keeping your FTP users distinct from other server resources. Not only does Rumpus make managing users easy, but it gives you advanced controls like individual drop folders, access restrictions, usage limits, account history, and more. The single-window user management interface in Rumpus is also supplemented by Web-based administration, allowing you to define and manage user accounts from anywhere on the Internet.

A Real Mac Application
Rumpus runs natively on any Mac OS or Mac OS X computer (PowerPC required). There's no Java required and the memory footprint and CPU usage is tiny. You will also appreciate the comprehensive help pages and articles, that cover not only how to use Rumpus, but networking issues and the general FTP information you need when you have questions.

Professional Technical Support
Maxum has been selling Internet server software for Macs longer than anybody (including Apple!). When you have a question, we're here to help. We believe that you have a right to get the most out of the software you buy, always. So, we offer unlimited, free technical support.


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