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Tables 1.3.3

Click here to download Tables   Developer  Daniel Schwill
  OS support  Mac OS X 10.3 Panther/X 10.4 Tiger/X 10.5
  Licence  Shareware
    Price  N/A
  File size  5.00 MB
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  Date added  04-Jul-2007
  Last update  04-Jul-2007
  Downloads  666
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Tables's Description

With Tables you can not only organise data but also do calculations and comparisons with it. Add, sum or multiply numbers or process data by using various functions.

Tables offers you a wide range of calculation options and many functions from different areas.

Starting from simple operations like addition, subtraction, division, multiplication and involution until numerical compares like less, greater, equal or unequal up to more than 100 functions from the areas: mathematics, trigonometry, financial, statistic, matrix, date & time, text, logical, spreadsheet and information

Data can not only represent numbers but a date or an amount, too. Tables offer extensive options to format the data. Format them as currency, as an amount, as percentage rates, scientifically or with different date formats.

Tables offers different options to present data as a number, an amount, a percentage or as date & time. You are able to exactly specify the format for numbers by setting up the number of decimal points or by displaying a separator. Further on you can specify a prefix or suffix as well as displaying negative values in red.

For date & time you can choose the display format depending on your local system settings. By that you are able to specify whether and how to display the date, the time or both. If the system formats for date & time are insufficient you are able to define an individual format for date & time.

If you don't want to search for the format string in the whole user's guide book you can just use an assistant to compose a format string.

Create visually attractive invoices, lists or reports and even add some photos, PDF documents or charts to present your data with a great visual impact.

You can add Images, PDF documents or Charts to any sheet of your document
to present everyting with a great visual impact.

You can freely position the graphics on any page. Scale or flip the graphics to
your needs. Different borders and a shadow you can add to the graphics or you
can change the opacity so that underlying cells or other graphics shine through.

You can use charts of types: pie, line, (stacked) areas as well as (stacked)
columns for a graphical representation of your data.

You can create your own named styles in Tables to quickly assign the same formatting properties to other cells and also receive a uniform look for your document. Learn more

30 days trial version.

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