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AudioRack 2.7.4

Click here to download AudioRack   Developer  Ethan Funk
  OS support  Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger
  Licence  Freeware
    Price  N/A
  File size  15.20 MB
  Download time  56k: 37m 3s 128k: 16m 12s 768k: 2m 42s
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  Date added  04-Jul-2007
  Last update  04-Jul-2007
  Downloads  1,120
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AudioRack's Description

AudioRack is an open-source radio broadcast automation and live assist system for Mac OS X computers. The system is composed of three major components (see diagram below):

1. arserver - faceless (daemon) eight bus audio server
2. AudioRack - User interface
3. database server (MySQL 4.x supported)
Optionally, audio files can reside on a separate file server, making a fourth component.

arserver supports eight players which can play any QuickTime supported audio file format or play through from an audio input device. arserver also supports a single "playlist" which when automation is enabled, is kept filled with either singly scheduled items (inserts) or items from the most recently scheduled playlist rotation. The playlist will automatically load/unload/play the eight players as if a DJ were operating CD players. This is accomplished through arserver accessing the database server where schedule, rotation and item information is stored along with a logging/history algorithm for picking items.

arserver also can perform shoutcast stream encoding and mp3, wave or aiff file recording from any of it's output busses or from an input device. Recordings can be set up to start and finish at a specific time as well. Shoutcast streams are automatically updated with the metadata info from the currently playing item. arserver also supports midi machine control for start/stop/skip-back/skip-ahead controls on it's input device players. And a 15 second broadcast delay in included too. For cueing/control room muting, arserver supports up to three mute busses and a cue mute bus. arserver was written in c/c++, and the source code is included. Since arserver is a faceless application, it runs in the background and can be controlled either by telnet-ing into it on port 9550 (type "help" for a command list) or by running the AudioRack user interface application.

AudioRack user interface is a RealBasic application written to provide a friendly graphical interface to arserver and the music library database. AudioRack is a bit of a hack that was thrown together quickly, modified from a much older version of AudioRack, and so is slow, a processor hog, kludgy, and will be re-written in the near future.

In theory, anyone who chooses to could write a user interface to arserver in java, c++, or whatever. I would love to support any one interested pressuring this. Keep in mind that AudioRack is a client to arserver, so if you quit AudioRack, arserver will keep running in the background unless you have "auto-shutdown" set.

All three components can be running on a single computer or spread across multiple machines on a network. In addition, multiple AudioRack sessions can be simultaneously connected to a single arserver and database server. Control of arserver is accomplished via a text interface on tcp port 9550. You can run arserver and telnet into it for a command line control. Again, the database server is used to track, schedule, and log items played or to be played. Files can be played directly with out being in the database as well, but they can not be scheduled or placed in a category. A "folder pick" task has been implemented to allow non-database files to be scheduled out of a particular folder.

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