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Mumps Compiler 9.15

Click here to download Mumps Compiler   Developer  Kevin O'Kane
  OS support  Linux all
  Licence  GPL
    Price  N/A
  File size  3.50 MB
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  Date added  12-Jan-2007
  Last update  12-Jan-2007
  Downloads  921
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Mumps Compiler's Description

Mumps (also referred to as 'M') is a general purpose programming language that supports a native hierarchical data base facility. It is supported by a large user community (mainly biomedical), and a diversified installed application software base. The language originated in the mid-60's at the Massachusetts General Hospital and it became widely used in both clinical and commercial settings. A dwindling number of implementations exist for the language. There are both ANSI, ISO (ISO/IEC 11756:1992) and DOD approved standards for Mumps.

As originally conceived, Mumps differed from other mini-computer based languages of the late 1960's by providing: 1) an easily manipulated hierarchical (multi-dimensional) data base that was well suited to representing medical records; 2) flexible string handling support; and (3) multiple concurrent tasks in limited memory on very small machines. Syntactically, Mumps is based on an earlier language named JOSS and has an appearance that is similar to early versions of Basic that were also based on JOSS.

This translator implements much of the most recent Mumps standard (see the manual). Mumps programs are translated to standard C++ programs and subsequently compiled to binary executables. This distribution contains the compiler source code, the manual, the run-time functions source code, all written in C/C++, and examples, written in Mumps. Also included is a stand-alone Mumps Interpreter for Windows XP and Linux. Click here for additional details.

The MDH (Multi-Dimensional and Hierarchical Data Base Toolkit) is a Linux-based, open sourced, toolkit of portable software that supports very fast, flexible, multi-dimensional and hierarchical storage, retrieval and manipulation of data bases ranging in size up to 256 terabytes. The package is written in C and C++ and is available under the GNU GPL/LGPL licenses in source code form. You must install the Mumps Compiler in order to use the MDH.

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